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Marla's Dancing Addiction

In the fall of 1999, I started dating an incredible guy who introduced me to Salsa dancing. Although, he and I are no longer
together, we are still good friends, and I will always be thankful to what he introduced me to. Thank you Jeremy. Also thank
you Rock, for continuing to teach me new things at the club after Jeremy left.

I have been dancing salsa ever since and have actually broadened out to other dances too. I still love the Latin dances the most,
i.e. Merengue and Bachata. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of Punta though. Soon enough, I will learn Samba and I'm in the
process of learning Argentine Tango. I'm not very good yet, but I'm working on it. I have also had a brief crave of East Coast
Swing. However, I believe that once I start West Coast Swing, it will take precendence in the swing department.

I was not very good when I started out, as most beginners as a lot of people can testify to. I just want to thank all those people
who were patient with me while I was learning. Also please, help me to continue to learn. I have met a lot of interesting people
and have formed some pretty strong friendships. I can't believe I was so blind to all of this a year and half ago. Here are the
pictures that I promised you all. There are a lot, but I'm working on that.

Here is Jeremy and I before going dancing one night. This is me and Rock at my 24th birthday party that I held at 
Salsa Carolina.
Here is Luis and I also before going out dancing.
Blackie stops for a brief moment for a photo for me.
Lucretia and Eric joined me for my birthday.
This is my friend Mike, who is trying to break me of a nasty habit while 
salsa dancing.  Mike, did we...nevermind.
So did Jason, Catherine, and James (left to right). Thank you guys.
Uche showed up for one last hug, before he left for New York.
This is my good friend, Wally.
Even though I dont' think I danced with him that night, here's Felix. 
He had a good excuse though.  I suppose when you DJ, keeping 
the music going is more important.

Here are some other nights at Salsa Carolina that didn't have anything to do with my birthday.

This is my sweetie, Carlos.
And of course, Jon, trying to be funny.
Here is Drea and I after a long night of dancing.
This is me with one of my favorite dancing buddies, Grahm. 
You talk about someone making you look good even when you mess up. Thanks!
Here is Drea, showing me how it is supposed to be done.
This is Ricardo and I taking a break 
for a photo opportunity together.
This is the second picture that he insisted 
I take so he could have a copy.
This is Ricky, the other DJ for Salsa Carolina. Such a nice guy.

Here are some pictures taken at the Treehouse. This was the first Latin club I ever attended long ago.

Here is my good buddy, Derick.
Derick and I, this time outside, because it was just so darn hot in there.
Jorge dipping me for a quick photo.
Derick and his friend.  Although you can't see his face, 
or see the move they were doing, it looked really good.
Joy dancing some mean Salsa.
Hi Liz!
I know these two are crazy. 
Liz, who is that wacko beside you?
Liz and Derick dancing out on the floor.
Look at how cool, Wally looks.
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