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Nala and Nieve

At one point in my life, I lived with my best friend who owned two cats at the time. I am a huge animal lover, and didn't mind living with these two cats, but I was always a dog person. Somehow, her two cats, grew on me and when she moved to Texas and took the cats, I realized just how much I wanted two of my own. So before my best friend left, we went to the animal shelter and it was there I fell in love with these two sisters. From the moment I saw these two, I knew there were going to come home with me one day. They turned out to be a real hassle, and quite a money strain, but I must admit, I wouldn't give them up for anything. So now, go ahead and meet my family.

Here are my girls before I rescured them at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Look at how tiny Nala is on these two pictures. She didn't even weigh enough for the Rabies shot and now look at her.

Here is Amy with Nieve. Nieve is 4 months old in this picture.

Here is Nieve at age one. She is my pretty kitty, but she is also the real handful. Maybe I should have named her Nemesis like I had wanted to. She turned out to be one anyway.

Here she is again, in her favorite position. One paw curled up under the other. Right after this picture was taken, she attacked the jacket to the left of her. She loves to play hide and seek, but only with that jacket.

Here is my fat cat, Nala. She is the sweetest thing. She's too fat and lazy to cause any problems, most of the time.

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Not sure how, but Nala does a very good job balancing herself on the back of the couch to look out the window. I swear she does this 18 of the 24 hours of the day. Of course, the other six, she sleeps.